"Nothing is permanent but change" - Heraclitus

The Problem.

The body of this work deals with how humans make decisions, and even though change is occurring, there is no guarantee we are going to survive it.

People may not understand how they make decisions. If you ask someone, they'll probably come up with an explanation that helps. Some people will talk about free will and determinism, others might start referring to the unconscious or basic motivations. There will be cultural factors, gender differences, and a myriad of other possible factors that help explain how we make decisions.

But what if, when talking about decision making, a person is using the very apparatus through which they make decisions. This apparatus is the 'self', something that is defined here as a process of making sense of our experience. Any explanation of decision making is going to be biased somewhat because of the decision making process itself.

Now don't panic, this is just an example of a recursive problem, and it's being used to help raise consciousness. Koan, and for some reason humour, are two methods said to be effective in raising consciousness. However given a low credibility with the later, I'll just posit this question instead, "How can the self understand itself?"

This is a conglomerate theory that looks at concepts of communication popularised by Marshall McLuhan, connected to an existing theory of consciousness by Clare Greaves, a theory that predated and predicts the current developments in the world, before moving into a new explanation of the different modalities of decision making from a simple historical viewpoint, and ultimately linking all this to a dynamical systems theory (chaos) account of the self as an emergent process based on the strange attractors of the autonomic nervous system and associated brain structures detailed by Louis Cozolino, which is part of a non-linear system that may have a self similar fractal relationship between the individual, the dyad and society, and which is both testable and falsifiable.

Sorry, just wanted to see if I could get all that into one sentence.

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