Group Decision - Secure Transparent Online Electoral Process


is about making decisions efficiently.

Some areas are not quite finished yet.

But the paid for service is up and running.



Danny Hamilton

Is an ASP and Database Programmer.
He's not a graphic designer, but knows several.
Thats why this page is so plain.
As well as the IT background, Danny has
considerable experience in running elections,
in the many different forms they take.
You can contact us here.



Woric Faithfull

Is a geek... no really.
He does asp,, Delphi, Databases, C++, C#, C-whatever
He's been helping out on this project.
This is his website
(he is also not a graphic designer)


Alistair Hart

Is not a geek.
Instead he has worked extensively in the
student services industry, unions and councils.
He and has a great deal of experience in
running elections including the many variations of
Quota Preferential Proportional Represenation.