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Runoff Electoral Process
This election type is not available yet.

Description:  Refers to any electoral process where more than one round of voting is required.

In the first round of voting, all options are present to the voters. Each voter selects the option they most prefer. The options receiveing the most options are then allowed into subsquent rounds.

In a "two round" or "second ballot" system there are only two rounds, the primary and the final. In the final round only the two highest scoring candidates in the primary round will make it to the final round.

Where each round causes the elimination of one option until there is a single option with a majority of votes, this is called an "exhaustive ballot" process.

Commentary:  The runnoff election is basically taking the First Past the Post System and by having mulitple rounds of elimination, makes it equivalent to a Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) where a single option is chosen through preferential means.

Is has the advantage of being easier to understand than preferential voting whilst maintaining a very fair appearance to the voters.

It has the disadvantage of having to run over mulitple rounds - and thus can take months to complete, with voters having go to the polls more than once (however in places where voting is seen as an important social privalege this could be a significant advantage)



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