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First Past the Post with Concensus Rules
This election type is not available yet.

Description:  In this option, you (the election coordinator) choose the possible voting options.

The voter only chooses one option from the list of options. Votes are tallied for each option. The option with the highest number of votes is declared the winner.

The use of consensus rules effectively allows anyone to "pseudo-veto" an option. If more than say 15% choose to to block concensus on any one option then this option is removed from the count.

This is an attempt to fix the First Past the Post system in order to allow for voter discontent. It however fails to meet a fundamental aspect of voting in that it is entirely possible that all options will be effectively "blocked" thus requiring that the process return to dialogue. Of course in any concensus model this is by design.

Whilst this system highlights the failure of FPTP to adequately address the issue of voter discontent, it is mostly an unworkable system for very large electorates for the reason outlined above.

Commentary:  See First Past the Post and Commenary on Concensus Decision Making.

In a "first past the post" system, the implication is that an agreed percentage of people who really dissagree with an option are able to remove it from the count, which has the effect of also "Voiding" the votes for that candidate.

Please note: First past the post with Concensus rules can get really nasty

History:  This process is not used anywhere that I can find.

Examples:  none

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